Khmer Rouge Tribunal

Curious about the current state of the on-going Khmer Rouge tribunal? If so, then you need to use this free App. The Khmer Rouge Tribunal App provides a fast and beautiful way to flip through stories, videos, editorials and opinions from across many different news sources related to the tribunal.

The “Khmer Rouge Tribunal” app is the first of a three-part series of the “Year Zero” app brand that explores the darkest episode in Cambodia’s history. The Khmer Rouge regime ushered in an inconceivable era of horror, madness, and mayhem on a once peaceful country. In order to preserve and instill a factual chronicle of this time period, while at the same time spreading awareness; the series aims to present an interactive history that includes informative content that will help the user realize the horror of such inhumanity brought on by the Khmer Rouge.

Responsibilities: Design, Development

Developed With: Titanium and Drupal (CMS) as the base system for managing the content.

Putra Roeung